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Flat Colors

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Designers are always looking for new and interesting ways to complete their creations more efficiently and effectively. Our new extension for Adobe's Illustrator and Photoshop allows designers to do just that. These programs, together with our extension, allow you to create and amplify your designs to ensure they are of the highest quality. By making use of specialized tools, designers can cut down the amount of time it takes to perform certain tasks. This increases their productivity, allowing them to complete more work or to spend their time conceptualizing fresh, interesting design concepts. It's only by taking the time to come up with new and exciting ideas that designers can continue to produce fresh and exciting work for their clients. By doing so, clients are sure to be happy. And happy clients are ones who will ask you to create more designs, more often. Whether you're working as a permanent designer or complete your creative projects on a freelance basis, it makes sense that you'd want to make your clients happy and to keep them coming back for more If speeding up your workflow and increasing productivity by making use of these tools is of interest to you, download this extension.

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Color Picker Live Preview

Color picker live preview This feature allows users to see changes in real-time. As you likely know, the default setting on the programs doesn't allow users to do that This is beneficial to users as they can see the changes they're making to their designs as they do so.

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Color shades

Color shades Generate unlimited color shades of any customized color picked by the color picker. Every designer wants to have all possible colors in their toolkit. Now, using our extension, this is an option for you .

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Favorite colors

Favorites is the section located at the top of the extension and lets you keep frequently used colors easily available. You won’t have to scroll through the extension to find the color you need to use , you add and remove and pin color panel.

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Save your time

Arbfonts+ flat colors features allow designers to save time and increase their productivity.

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Flat pallets

Flat color pallets We have created a number of flat color pallets for your use within your designs. The use of these pallets is becoming more and more popular in app and website design. In our chaotic world, flat color pallets provide some relief to the clutter This leads to an improved user interface and user experience which are obviously top priorities for designers.

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Picked flat colors

Professional hand picked flat colors Flat colors are a new, increasingly popular, type of colors for modern designs. Flat is simply another way of saying solid. These colors have no graduation or halftones. It could refer to any shade of any color whether it's a bright or dark, pastel or neutral.

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Eyedropper& Color picker

Eyedropper The eyedropper tool within our extension works with color picker and allows users to select flat colors of their choice. It makes it possible for users to grab a color from any selected object in real-time assisting designers to speed up their workflow and increase productivity.

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Color Switch

Users will be able to easily switch between their current color choice and the previous color they had been using.

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Color Fill

An express way to fill  one color in any selected object with one click.

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Same Fill & Stroke

quick and easy to select the same fill color to stroke.


  • Real-Time Color Picker
  • Organized Flat Colors
  • Flat color Generator “MANUALY PICKED”
  • Shade Colors& Unlimited Colors
  • Eyedropper with Previous Color Feature
  • Completable with Adobe AI 2019
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  • 100% Illustrator css
  • 100% Illustrator cc
  • 100% Illustrator cc 2018+
  • 100% Illustrator 2019
  • 90% Photoshop css
  • 90% Photoshop cc
  • 90% Photoshop cc 2018+
  • 90% Photoshop 2019
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