: Neo Sans W23 Light

Neo Sans W23 Light
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بواسطة : Sebastian Lester - Patrick Giasson

حقوق الملكية :Copyright 2004 - 2010 Monotype Imaging, Inc. All rights reserved.

الشركة : Neo is a trademark of Monotype Imaging Inc. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

منذ : 7 اشهر

نوع الملف :ttf

وزن الخط :Light

رابط المصمم :http://www.linotype.com/fontdesigners

NeoSansW23Light Neo Sans W23 Light نو سانس و23 ليفت Neo Sans W23 Light Neo Sans W23 Light

تحميل مباشر

"The branding agency's client wanted an ""ultra modern"" typeface that was ""futuristic without being gimmicky or ephemeral,"" according to the design brief. Designer Sebastian Lester took on this intriguing custom font assignment, but soon, a bureaucratic decision cancelled the project. Lester's research confirmed that the principal ingredient of an ""ultra modern"" typeface was simplicity of character structure: a carefully drawn, monoline form, open letter shapes and smooth, strong curves. To conceive a typeface that crossed the line from modern to futuristic, Lester decided to amplify these qualities. In 2010, Patrick Giasson extended this family with an Arabic companion that brings to the Arabic script the same design brief as the Latin. The Arabic and Latin parts are fully compatible and can be used together seamlessly in multilingual projects. Both the Neo Sans Arabic and the more-minimalist Neo Tech Arabic families are available in six weights, ranging from Light to Ultra. Each has a companion italic, and Neo Tech offers a suite of alternate characters. While engineered to look modern as tomorrow, Neo Sans and Neo Tech display the functional and aesthetic excellence that earns them a place in the list of classic designs from the Monotype typeface library."

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