: Damavand Heavy

Damavand Heavy
نسبة الشهرة
1/10 نسبة مستخدمي الخط
مبتدئ مشهور

بواسطة : Naghi Naghashian

حقوق الملكية :Copyright 2016 Naghi Naghashian, www.naghachian.com. All rights reserved. This font software may not be reproduced, modified, disclosed or transferred without the express written approval of Naghi Naghashian. Naghashian is a trademark of Naghi Naghashian and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. This typeface is original artwork of Naghi Naghashian. The design may be protected in certain jurisdictions.

الشركة : Damavand is a trademark of Naghi Naghashian. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

منذ : 7 سنين

نوع الملف :ttf

وزن الخط :Regular

رابط المصمم :http://www.naghachian.com

DamavandHeavy Damavand Heavy Damafand Ath-Thqylh دامافاند هيفي Damavand Heavy دامافاند الثقيلة Damavand Heavy Damafand Ath-Thqylh

تحميل مباشر

Damavand is designed by Naghi Naghashian. It is based on the The font includes the basic Latin part and support for Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. It also includes proportional and tabular numerals for the supported languages.

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