: Castile Thin

Castile Thin
نسبة الشهرة
4/10 نسبة الاستخدام
مبتدئ مشهور

بواسطة : Eyad Al-Samman, [email protected]

حقوق الملكية :

الشركة : Castile is a trademark of Eyad Al-Samman's Typography. All rights reserved.

منذ : 7 سنين

نوع الملف :otf

وزن الخط :Thin

رابط المصمم :

CastileThin Castile Thin Qshtalya Rqyqh كاستيل ذين Castile Thin قشتاليا رقيقة Castile Thin Qshtalya Rqyqh

تحميل مباشر

Castile is a central region of Spain that formed the core of the Kingdom of Castile, under which Spain was united in the 15th and 16th centuries. "Castile" is a Kufic modern Arabic typeface. This font comes in three different weights. It is suitable for books' covers, advertisement light boards, and titles in magazines and newspapers. It is very distinctive when used in black and white printout. It decorates colored pages and makes artworks more attractive.

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